14 st 12.75 lbs

Future life lesson. If ever I want to lose 1.5 lbs then all I need to do is go for a 5km run. 

That’s the difference between my before and after weight. 

I completed the 5km in 31:38. I felt awful doing it. My left hamstring and ankle and right knee were all giving me discomfort. I think I’m carrying too much weight and my joints/muscles aren’t able to cope with it. It’s a bit of a catch 22. 

I’m about to have chicken (grilled fillet) and potato waffles for dinner. That combined with a turkey, ham and cheese roll (plus an apple) for lunch means it’s not been a healthy eating day. I just get so hungry at meal times though. The lack of breakfast in the mornings is probably a big cause of my problems. 

#fitness #weight


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