14 st 12.25 lbs

Fitness has been second fiddle for the last couple of days. 

 We picked up PH’s engagement ring on Thursday after work. I got finished up in work about half 4 so had a bit of time to kill before PH was ready. I bought a couple of books and went to a really nice coffee shop, Accents on Stephen Street. 

I was reading a really interesting book on the complete history of America. I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of a couple of guys that were sitting beside me. It was a beautiful conversation that only young people can have, taking on all the issues of the world with the idealism of youth. 

The highlight for me though was when one of guys assumed (incorrectly) the other guy was gay and asked was he out yet. Pure car crash conversation for a couple of minutes. The chap handled it well though and they laughed it off. Very cool. 

Then I met PH and we picked up the ring. It’s quite beautiful and definitely worth the wait while we had it made. I think PH likes it and I hope she grows to love it. I think she will. 

We celebrated the event by going to The Westbury for some champagne. They were so nice in there, noticed we were celebrating and gave us a free dessert!!

We went home and had more champagne. Overall I had nearly a full bottle of champagne and a few beers. Amazingly when I weighed myself the next morning I had lost half a pound. I don’t understand how that works! It was probably because it was in the morning. 

PH and I had a great good Friday together. We binge watched the majority of the 3 seasons of Catastrophe (by Sharon Horgan). It’s really funny. We basically spent the whole day laughing at the show and with each other. It was one of those days when you realise how much you love someone. 

Heading home to Westmeath now for a couple of days. So probably get much fitness work. Time at home is usually spent drinking tea, eating biscuits and talking rubbish with my family. Which is great, I love tea. 

#catastrophe #fitness #engagement #accents #westbury 


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