14 st 12.25 lbs

So I’m down a pound from Tuesday. 

I always worry about how realistic some of my weigh ins are. But this was a direct comparison of my weight on Tuesday after training versus my weight today (Thursday) after training. 

And I’m down one whole pound. 

So I’m delighted with that. 

Training was enjoyable tonight. We did a good few drills, practicing ball work and then had a short game at the end. 

I was marking one of the best guys on our team in the game (Andy) and it was comfortable enough. He got in for goal a couple of times but it was more my lack of fitness that let my down rather than my footballing ability. I feel I could take him in a proper match (if I was fit) although he is very quick. 

At the end of training we separated into the A team and the B team to talk about our upcoming championship games on Sunday. I don’t know if that was a good call. I’d like for us to be one team and for us to discuss our mutual goals together. 

Before the B team chat I told Mixer (B team manager) that I wasn’t around for the championship match (going to the cliffs of mother with PH) and he was sound about in fairness. He gave a speech about the importance of the match. There was only about 7 B team players there which was a bit disappointing. 

Mixer is very sound. 

I think I might be good enough for the first team (if I was fit) but I’m gonna start off on the B team, hope I play well, and the dream is to be asked to play with the As as a result. That’s my goal. 

Ok, so it’s all been positive so far. Let’s talk about the negatives. I came home after training, today is payday so I wanted to celebrate. So I drank 4 cans at home, then went to the local, had 5 pints. Now gonna go home and drink more. I can’t handle it. I’m a mess


2 thoughts on “14 st 12.25 lbs

  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog and having a follow, I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more about you and your fitness life 😀



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