Back to work

It was a wonderful weekend. We drove down to Clare on Sunday morning and arrived at the armada hotel about 1pm, had a light lunch and then headed for the cliffs of moher. They were completely spectacular (pictures in my last post). We joked that if I hadn’t already proposed then it would be a perfect place to do it here!

Afterwards we took a drive though the Clare countryside, taking in the burren, kilfenora ceilidh band, father ted house and saw lots of dogs randomly sitting in the middle of the road. 

We had dinner booked in the hotel at 8 and then a few drinks in the bar afterwards. 

On Monday, we travelled home via kilshane house to view it as a potential wedding venue. It’s a stunning venue and we are definitely considering it. 

It took longer than expected and it was about 7pm before we arrived home. I was pretty wrecked after all the driving so we just took it easy for the evening and watched a few episodes of house of cards. 

I’m now on the train into work. Despite it being a wonderful weekend, the fear of going back to work is definitely heightened after you take time off. 

I’m also worried about my fitness levels. I have training tonight. I know that my weight will definitely be up afterwards. It’s tough to post such setbacks as I really want to just be talking about positive news on here. I need to take the good with the bad though and hopefully posting negative progress will inspire me to improve again. 


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