Football training tonight. Bit nervous about it as still a bit stuff after going to the gym on Tuesday. Fingers crossed 


Joined a gym yesterday!!!

Good enough start to the day. Had some breakfast (fruit and fibre) which is unusual for me. Hopefully won’t be so hungry now at lunch 

7 months and 7 days to my wedding day and I’m in my worst shape in a long time. 

15 st 6 lbs before going for a run this evening 

Did 6 km in 32:33. 

15 st 2.75 lbs after the run. 

It’s pretty easy to figure out what I need to be doing more regularly 

Had my first football training in about 6 weeks last night. It was really enjoyable but I’m feeling very tired this morning. 

Came home and PH had the water on and dinner ready. Amazing!

Pay day today! Thank fuck. I have spent the morning paying bills so didn’t stay flush with cash for too long. A total of €21 in my savings account. Not much to show for 30 years of life