Went to the gym yesterday. Did a bit of weights work and a 25 minute fat burn session on the treadmill. Down to 15 st 0.25 lbs.

I'm going on the beer for the next few days though so expect to put weight on again


Feeling good this morning. I've got purple dax in my hair. Forgotten how nice it smells

Ran 4km today. Average pace of 5:29 per km.

Weighed in at 15 st 1.25 lbs.

So it takes a 4km run a day to lose a pound

I avoided the crisps at lunch. There is still a lot of chocolates around the office which is proving very tempting. Hopefully I will hold out for the afternoon. I might weigh myself when I go home and see if I need to do any exercise tonight

Went for a 6km run last night. Average pace was 5:42 mins per km.

Weighing in at 15 st 2.25 lbs. It's always a bad sign when I'm over 15

Not an altogether great start. I had a packet of crisps with my lunch. Big test now as there is a load of chocolates that have been brought into work. They would be lovely with a cup of tea